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Images Dated 2015 November

Choose from 59 pictures in our Images Dated 2015 November collection for your Wall Art or Photo Gift. All professionally made for Quick Shipping.

Sword-billed hummingbird (Ensifera ensifera) in flight, North-Ecuador, Ecuador Featured November Image

Sword-billed hummingbird (Ensifera ensifera) in flight, North-Ecuador, Ecuador

Animal, Animalia, Apodiformes, Arty Shots, Aves, Bird, Birds, Colour, Ecuador, Ensifera, Ensifera Ensifera, Flying, Green, Hummingbird, Iridescence, Iridescent, Latin America, South America, Sword Billed Hummingbird, Trochilidae, Vertebrate, Wildlife

13 Nov 2015 Featured November Image

13 Nov 2015

Andalusia, Animal, Animalia, Carnivora, Carnivore, Cat, Critically Endangered, Curiosity, Direct Gaze, Endangered Species, Europe, Felidae, Felis Pardina, Iberian Lynx, Lynx, Lynx Pardella, Lynx Pardinus, Mammal, Mammalia, Pardel Lynx, Portrait, Southern Europe, Spain, Spanish Lynx, Threatened, Vertebrate, Wildlife

Aggregation of Golden jellyfish (Mastigias sp Featured November Image

Aggregation of Golden jellyfish (Mastigias sp

Aggregation of Golden jellyfish (Mastigias sp.) in a marine lake in Palau, the golden colour of this species comes from symbiotic algae in its tissues. Jellyfish Lake, Eil Malk island, Rock Islands, Palau. Tropical north Pacific Ocean

Animal, Animalia, Catalogue9, Cnidaria, Cnidarian, Coelentrerata, Group, Invertebrate, Invertebrates, Jellyfish, Large Group, Marine, Mastigias, Mastigiidae, Multitude, Ocean, Oceania, Optical Man Hole, Pacific Ocean, Palau, Phenomenon, Rhizostomeae, Saltwater, Scyphozoa, Tropical, True Jellyfish, Underwater, Water, Wildlife