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RF - Common darter dragonfly (Sympetrum striolatum) resting on Foxglove (Digitalis purpurea) with dew droplets on wings
Aurora over lone pine tree in Abisko National Park, Abisko, North Sweden. February 2020
Aerial view after sunrise, showing the sun reflecting off water that has flowed into Lake Eyre South and formed a pond
Giant sequoia (Sequoiadendron giganteum) tree in forest at night, view towards canopy and sky
Snowy owl (Bubo scandiaca) female in flight. Canada. February
Jackdaw (Corvus monedula) pair dive bombing and harassing a Grey squirrel (Sciurus carolinensis)
Jackdaw (Corvus monedula) swooping down calling with claws raised to threaten a Grey squirrel (Sciurus carolinensis)
Jackdaw (Corvus monedula) pair chasing a Grey squirrel (Sciurus carolinensis)
Jackdaw (Corvus monedula) swooping in very close to threaten a Grey squirrel (Sciurus carolinensis)
Jackdaw (Corvus monedula) hovering above a nest box it wants to nest in which a Grey squirrel (Sciurus carolinensis)
Water flowing into Lake Eyre North, South Australia, March 2022
Giant Pacific octopus (Enteroctopus dofleini) experiencing freedom after release from captivity, Vancouver Island
Male Blackbird (Turdus merula) feeding on berries in Hawthorn (Crataegus sp.) hedgerow, Norfolk, UK. November
Rainbow over Happisburgh Light House, Norfolk, UK. October, 2021
RF - Brown hare (Lepus europaeus) head portrait, Norfolk, UK. August. (This image may be licensed either as rights)
Three Lined seahorses (Hippocampus erectus), two male and one female, feeding on plankton in an alkaline saltwater pond
Male Bearded tit (Panurus biarmicus) perched on a reed stem, Leighton Moss Nature Reserve, Lancashire, UK. September
Snow covering a farm track, Gimingham, Norfolk, UK. February, 2021. Seasons sequence - Winter
A farm track in spring, Gimingham, Norfolk, UK. May, 2021. Seasons sequence
Robin (Erithacus rubecula) perched in Yew (Taxus baccata) hedge in winter, Norfolk, UK. January
Male Ring ouzel (Turdus torquatus) standing on a garden lawn, Norfolk, UK. April
Waterway through marshland, Dingle Nature Reserve, Dunwich, Suffolk, UK. May, 2021
Watercolour painting of Common hawthorn (Crataegus monogyna) berries. Botanical illustration by Linda Pitkin
Watercolour painting of Grape hyacinth (Muscari). Botanical illustration by Linda Pitkin
Trap-jaw ant (Odontomachus hastatus) with mandibles open, Los Amigos Biological Station, Peru
Trap-jaw ant (Odontomachus chelifer) portrait, Wayqecha, Peru
Lava and ash erupting from volcano, Volcano Cumbre Vieja, La Palma, Canary Islands. November, 2021
Lava flow and ash from erupting volcano passing close by the village of Los Llanos de Aridane, Volcano Cumbre en Vieja
Red deer (Cervus elaphus) stag amongst ferns, Bradgate Park, Leicestershire, UK. October
Matriarch Timber wolf (Canis lupus lycaon) sitting next to alpha male standing in snow. Hudson Bay, Manitoba, Canada
Alpha male Timber wolf (Canis lupus lycaon) hunting in snow, Hudson Bay, Manitoba, Canada
Female Day octopus (Octopus cyanea) drifting in the ocean, Hawaii, Pacific Ocean
A raised wooden walkway through the bamboo forest that leads to Waimoku Falls, Haleakala National Park, Maui, Hawaii
View of sunset over mountains with flying swift, from Windermere, Lake District National Park, Cumbria, UK. April, 2011
Emissions from cement works billowing out over village, Clitheroe, Lancashire, UK. November, 2021
Mute swan (Cygnus olor) moulting and plucking its own feathers, Valkenhorst Nature Reserve, Valkenswaard
Marbled white butterfly (Melanargia galathea) sequence showing landing and taking off from a Greater knapweed
A female kingfisher (Alcedo atthis) fishing / diving into an ice hole in winter. Leeds, Yorkshire, UK. January
Wolf spider (Pardosa sp.) carrying spiderlings on her back. UK
Digital composite of Swallowtail butterfly (Papilio machaon) caterpillar, pupa, chrysalis and emerging adult
Glasswing butterfly (Greta oto) resting on leaf. Captive
Scurfy twiglet mushroom (Tubaria furfuracea) growing from Beech mast (Fagus sylvatica) on mossy woodland floor
Scarlet elf cup fungi (Sarcoscypha coccinea) growing on rotten mossy log among leaf litter in deciduous woodland
Black moray (Muraena augusti) and Tiger moray eels (Enchelycore anatina) peering out from a rock crevice with mouths
Close up of a Forest elephant (Loxodonta africana cyclotis) hidden in foliage, Loango National Park, Gabon. December
Lowland gorilla (Gorilla gorilla) mother and young in forest, Loango National Park, Gabon. January
Emperor penguin (Aptenodytes forsteri) group on ice floe, Ross Sea, Antarctica. January
Leopard (Panthera pardus), Masai Mara National Park, Kenya. July

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