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Images Dated 13th May 2021

Pygmy leaf-folding frog (Afrixalus brachycnemis) sitting on a fern frond, Tanzania
Italian tree frog (Hyla intermedia) sitting amongst fern fronds, Italy
Magpie (Pica pica) perched on a public footpath sign, Essex, UK, April
Kweichow crocodile newt (Tylototriton kweichowensis) feeding on a worm, China
High-casqued chameleon / Von Hoehnels chameleon (Trioceros hoehnelii
Spotted reed frog (Hyperolius puncticulatus) amongst reeds, Tanzania, Africa
Jay (Garrulus glandarius) feather, on mossy ground, Yorkshire. UK. March, 2011
Spiny devil katydid (Panacanthus cuspidatus), Napo, Ecuador, South America
Montane horned frog (Megophrys kobayashii) head close up, Kinabalu National Park, Sabah
Golden mantella frog (Mantella aurantiaca) with freshly laid eggs on wet mossy ground
Marbled reed frog (Hyperolius marmoratus) climbing on leaves, Tanzania, Africa
Dyeing poison dart frog (Dendrobates tinctorius), Citronella form
Male Jacksons chameleon (Chamaeleo jacksonii) on tree branch, East Africa
Developing eggs of Spotted reed frog (Hyperolius puncticulatus) at day 8
Mossy frog (Theloderma corticale) close up of eye
Motorbike frog (Litoria moorei) peering out from behind tree bark, Walpole
Panther chameleon (Furcifer pardalis) sitting on branch with black background, Nosy Faly
Panther chameleon (Furcifer pardalis) rearing up, on black background, Diego Suarez
Minors chameleon (Furcifer minor), female, climbing down dried plant stalk
Blue poison dart frog (Dendrobates tinctorius azureus) sitting on dried leaves, Brazil
Spotted running frog (Kassina maculata) on bamboo cane at night, Tanzania, East Africa

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