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A yellow tube sponge (Aplysina fistularis) growing on a Caribbean coral reef
Lake baikal sponge and a mixture of freshwater snails Lake Baikal, Siberia, Russia
Stove-pipe sponge (Aplysina archeri) and Orange elephant ear sponge (Agelas clathrodes) Bonaire
Gravid female Glass / Ghost shrimp on Glass sponge (Hexactinellida) from coral seamount
Portrait of Blacktip grouper (Epinephelus fasciatus) resting in Barrel sponge
Giant barrel sponge (Xestospongia muta) within coral reef. Utila Island, Honduras. Caribbean Sea
Suensons brittle star (Ophiothrix suensonii) on Azure vase sponge (Callyspongia plicifera), St. Vincent, Caribbean
Giant barrel sponge (Xestospongia testudinaria) releases a large cloud of gametes as it
Endemic sponge (Lubomirskia baicalensis) encrusting rocks and branches on the lake floor
Ribbon sweetlips (Plectorhinchus polytaenia) at Giant barrel sponge (Xestospongia muta
Portrait of a Giant frogfish (Antennarius commersoni) on a large Yellow elephant ear sponge
Young Stone sculpin (Paracottus knerii), on endemic sponge (Lubomirskia baicalensis)
Breadcrumb Sponge (Halichondria panicea) and other encrusting sponges. Channel Islands, UK, June
Sponge (Leucosolenia botryoides). Channel Islands, UK, August
Boring Sponge (Cliona celata). Channel Islands, UK, May
Red boring sponge (Cliona delitrix) three excurrent apertures covered in Sponge zoanthids
Yellow tube sponge (Aplysina fistularis) on a coral reef
Female Tassled wobbegong shark (Eucrossorhinus dasypogon) rests alongside stand of Barrel sponges
Detail of sponge (Chalinula nematifera) Maldives, Indian Ocean
Coral reef scene, with Philippines chromis (Chromis scotochiloptera)
A reef scene with an orange elephant ear sponge (Ianthella basta
Orange sieve encrusting sponge (Diplastrella sp.) and Red encrusting sponge
Red encrusting sponge (Monanchora barbadensis), Cienaga de Zapata National Park
Pennant coralfish (Heniochus acuminatus) at Giant barrel sponge (Xestospongia muta
Yellow umbrella slug (Tylodina perversa) feeding on Golden sponge (Aplysina aerophoba)
Sick sponge, stricken by a Cyanobacteria, Lake Baikal, Siberia, Russia. December
Staghorn Sponge (Homaxinella subdola / Axinella dissimilis). Channel Islands, UK, May
Yellow hedgehog sponge (Polymastia boletiformis) underwater, Channel Isles, UK, June
Golf ball sponge (Tethya citrina) underwater, Channel Isles, UK, July
Elephant hide / ear sponge {Pachymatisma johnstonia} Gouliot Caves, Alderney, Channel Islands
Striped blenny (Parablennius rouxi) looking out of a hole in a rock covered with encrusting sponge
Close-up of rock covered with encrusting sponge (Spirastrella cunctatrix) and (Phorbas
Yellow encrusting anemones (Parazoanthus axinellae) and sponge, Turtle Rock'
Nudibranch / Sea slug (Discodoris / Peltodoris atromaculata) feeding on a sponge
Yellow staghorn sponge (Axinella dissimilis), Lundy Island Marine Conservation Zone
Bivalve scallop (Pedum spondyloideum) inside a coral covered with purple sponge, Maldives
Nudibranch (Cratena peregrina) on a sponge, Ist Island, Croatia, Adriatic Sea
A long exposure renders Bar jacks (Carangoides ruber) as ghostly trails as they swim
Aggregation of tiny isopods (Santia sp.) living on the surface of a Blue sponge (Haliclona sp)
Spotlight goby (Gobiosoma louisae) looking out from inside a Yellow tube sponge
Barrel Sponge (Xestospongia testudinaria) on coral reef with soft corals (Scleronephthya sp)

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