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Four chocolate working cocker spaniels on wall. Mother and offspring. Monmouth, Monmouthshire
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppies aged 7 weeks, with tricolour and blenheim colouration
Japanese cranes (Grus japonensis) displaying in snow, Hokkiado, Japan, February
Peacock butterfly (Inachis io) and Small tortoiseshell butterflies (Aglais urticae)
Two paint horses, a palomino and a sorrel quarter horse running, Flitner Ranch, Shell
Female Cheetah (Acinonyx jubatus) with juveniles crossing grassland in rain storm, Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park
Four White storks (Ciconia ciconia) perched on street lights, silhouetted at dusk, Madrid, Spain. June
Asiatic lion (Panthera leo persica), two females and two cubs. Gir National Park, Gujarat, India
Four black-and-white Border Collie puppies, age 7 weeks, sitting in a row
Trumpeter swans (Cygnus buccinator) on the edge of the Upper Yellowstone River. Hayden Valley
Pairs of Scarlet Macaws (Ara macao) in flight. Osa Peninsula (near Corcovado National Park)
Warthogs (Phacochoerus aethiopicus) mother with babies drinking, Mkhuze game reserve
Moutain gorilla (Gorilla beringei beringei) close up of hand, Virunga National Park
Horsesgrazing on Bulbarrow Hill at dawn, Dorset, England, UK, July 2014
Haflinger horse mares and foals running in meadow. England, UK
Svalbard reindeer (Rangifer tarandus platyrhynchus) mother and calves, Svalbard, Norway
Horses hoof / Tinder fungus (Fomes fomentarius) on tree trunk, European beech
Mallard (Anas platyrhynchos) ducklings, Bradfield Nature Reserve, Berkshire, England
Alpaca Herd on Norfolk Farm, winter
Grey-cheeked parakeets (Brotogeris pyrrhoptera) perched and grooming on a branch
RF - Four colourful Red-and-green macaws or Green-winged macaws (Ara chloropterus
Bluebells (Endymion non-scriptus) flowering, Perthshire, Scotland, May
Cape buffalo (Syncerus caffer) crossing the Chobe River, followed by swarm of flies
Spotted eagle ray (Aetobatus narinari) school, Kagi kandhu,; North Male Atoll, Maldives
Cheetah (Acinonyx jubatus) cubs 4 months, Masai-Mara Game Reserve, Kenya. Vulnerable species
Four Wisent / Bison (Bison bonasus) standing in a row. Bialowieza Forest, Bialowieza National Park
Domestic sheep, lambs playing in a field, Norfolk, UK, March
Small herd of Asiatic Wild Ass (Equus hemionus) running, Gobi National Park, Mongolia
Four British Shorthair kittens, two silver-shaded and two golden-mackerel-tabby
Pigtail Macaques (Macaca nemestrina) crossing purpose-built primate wires'
Rothschilds giraffes (Giraffa camelopardalis rothschildi), feeding on leaves
Four Grey partridges (Perdix perdix) on snow-covered arable field, Scottish Borders, Scotland, UK. January
Four Wolves (Canis lupus) walking in snow, Yellowstone National Park, USA. January
RF - Group of four Mycena toadstools on mossy stump. The New Forest, Hampshire, UK. October
Three female Putorana snow sheep (Ovis nivicola borealis) climbing up rocky mountainside with lamb following
Giant Otters (Pteronura brasiliensis) running along a sand bar
A shiver of Caribbean reef sharks (Carcharhinus perezi) swim over a coral reef with
Yacare Caiman (Caiman yacare) gaping to regulate its body temperature, with attendant hoverflies
Atlantic walruses (Odobenus rosmarus rosmarus) hanging out in shallow water in Svalbard
Common rue (Ruta graveolens) flower in visible light, nectar at base of petals
Silhouette of Red deer (Cervus elaphus) stag, hind and fawns at sunset, Norfolk, UK
Brown hare, (Lepus europaeus), group of animals in field, Islay, Scotland, UK. March
Sika deer (Cervus nippon) stags in summer coat, Arne RSPB Reserve, Dorset, England
Wood Ducks (Aix sponsa), females behave aggressively toward a male (second from right)
Black-bellied whistling-ducks (Dendrocygna autumnalis), group perched amid Spanish
Group of four Giraffes (Giraffa camelopardalis) Mkuze, South Africa
Feral domestic rabbits (Oryctolagus cuniculus) sitting up alert, Okunojima Island
White ibis (Eudocimus albus) group of four in flight above clouds, Fort Myers Beach

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