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Polar bear (Ursus maritimus) walking on Champ Island glacier above the sea
Arctic Fox (Vulpes lagopus), in winter coat portrait, Svalbard, Norway, April
RF - Lions (Panthera leo) - two brothers patrolling territorial boundary
Young urban Red fox (Vulpes vulpes) poking its head up over a wall. Bristol, UK, August
African wild dogs (Lycaon pictus) juveniles playing with the leg of an impala, trying
Grizzly bear (Ursus arctos horribilis) female with cub riding on back
Red fox (Vulpes vulpes) cubs playing, Vosges, France, May
RF - Lion (Panthera leo) head portrait at night, Zimanga private game reserve, KwaZulu-Natal
Wild Jaguar (Panthera onca), Endangered, Cuiaba River, Pantanal, Mato Grosso, Brazil
Young urban Red fox (Vulpes vulpes) standing on a wall at night. Bristol, UK, September
Killer whale (Orcinus orca) male named Mel attacking young South American sea lion
Urban Red fox (Vulpes vulpes) walking past wall with red fox mural / graffiti. North London
African lion (Panthera leo) portrait, Masai Mara Game Reserve, Kenya
Grey seal (Halichoerus grypus) swimming towards camera, Orkney, Scotland, UK, August
Grey Wolf (Canis lupus), in forest, captive, USA
Arctic Fox (Alopex / Vulpes lagopus) standing on ridge, during moult from grey summer
Polar bear (Ursus maritimus) on an iceberg, Baffin Bay, Canada. September
Brown bear (Ursus arctos) male, portrait. Martinselkonen, Kainuu, Finland. June
Sable (Martes zibellina) in tree, Irkutsk, Siberia, Russia. November
Snow leopard (Panthera uncia) portrait with ears back. Captive
Canadian timber wolf / Northwestern wolf (Canis lupus occidentalis
Bengal Tiger (Panthera tigris) six month old cub jumping on its mother
Common eider duck (Somateria mollissima) female defending her nest from arctic fox
Arctic fox (Vulpes lagopus) juvenile sniffing ground, winter pelage. Dovrefjell National Park
Meerkats (Suricata suricatta) with young, Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park, Northern Cape
Snow leopard (Panthera uncia) in snow, captive, USA
Bobcat (Lynx rufus) standing on branch in snow. Madison River Valley, Yellowstone National Park
Brown bear (Ursus arctos) paw seem from under water, Ozernaya River, Kuril Lake
Leopard (Panthera pardus) female fighting off male after he tries to mate with her
RF - Snow leopard (Panthera uncia) female, portrait, captive
Snow leopard (Uncia uncia) Altai Mountains, Mongolia. March
Red panda (Ailurus fulgens) captive, occurs in China
Timber Wolves (Canis lupus) resting on a rock by the shoreline. Near Mussel Inlet
Pine marten (Martes martes) climbing Scots pine tree, Scotland, UK. May
Lioness (Panthera leo) carrying her cub, Masai-Mara Game Reserve, Kenya
Badger (Meles meles) cub amongst long grass, Dorset, England, UK, July
Jaguar (Panthera onca) male walking, Pantanal, Brazil
Grey wolf (Canis lupus) adult greeted by cub, captive, USA
Arctic Fox (Alopex / Vulpes lagopus) yawning, during moult from grey summer fur to winter white
Badger (Meles meles) adult, backlit at sunset, scratching its ears, Derbyshire, UK, May
Pine marten (Martes martes) reflected in water, Ardnamurchan Peninsula, west coast of Scotland, UK
Red fox (Vulpes vulpes) vixen in front of Clifton Suspension Bridge at night. Avon Gorge
Young urban Red fox (Vulpes vulpes). Bristol, UK. August
Siberian tiger (Panthera tigris altaica) in snow, captive
Polar bear (Ursus maritimus) young bear rolling around in the snow, on newly formed
Polar bear cub 3 months (Ursus maritimus) playing in the front of the day den in march
Red fox (Vulpes vulpes) in winter snow, Jura, Switzerland
Sumatran tiger (Panthera tigris sondaica). Captive, with digitally added leaf pattern

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