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2019 January Highlights Gallery

Horsfields tarsier / Western tarsier ( Tarsius bancanus ssp. saltator) Belitung Island
2019 January Highlights
Coal tit (Periparus ater) on mossy log with reflection, England, UK. January
African wild dog (Lycaon pictus) portrait, Mana Pools National Park, Zimbabwe
Brown-and-tan Miniature Pinscher puppy, with ears up
Cavapoo puppy lying with head up
Overweight ginger cat
RF - Five silver tabby kittens standing in a row
Northern raven (Corvus corax) pair perching on branch. Danube Delta, Romania, May
Gurskys spectral tarsier (Tarsius spectrumgurskyae) North Sulawesi
South Georgia pintail (Anas georgica georgica) swimming in front of Southern elephant seal
Elephant (Loxodonta africana), male standing on hind legs to reach acacia pods with Cattle egrets
Scarlet elf cup fungus (Sarcoscypha coccinea) amongst Opposite-leaved golden-saxifrage
Hoopoe (Upupa epops) with European roller (Coracias garrulus) in the background. Pusztaszer
European roller (Coracias garrulus) peering out of nest with feather, Lake Csaj, Pusztaszer
RF - Cavapoo dog, Monty, 10 months, in play-bow stance
RF - Playful Silver tabby kitten rolling on back
Silver tabby cat, Blaze, age 10 months, portrait
RF - Blue British shorthair kitten, walking
RF - Red Dachshund puppy lying down
RF - Sable-point rabbit, grooming face
RF - Blue tabby kitten, 12 weeks, jumping up
Tortoiseshell-tabby kitten, age 10 weeks, walking across
Silver tabby kitten, Freya, age 8 weeks
Blue-and-white and black kittens
Silver tabby Persian-cross kitten arching back in playful confrontation
Goldendoodle puppy with raised paw
Black-and-tan Dachshund puppy walking
Silver tabby kitten
Cavapoo dog, Monty, 10 months, running
Narrow-winged damselfly nymph (Ischnura elegans), camouflaged on a stem of horsetail plant
European crayfish (Astacus astacus), underwater, August, Europe, controlled conditions
Heather (Calluna vulgaris) in flower, Dartmoor, England, UK. August
Red deer (Cervus elaphus) hind in bracken, Glen Etive, Scotland, UK. June
Blue tit (Cyanistes caeruleus) on lichen-covered twig, England, UK May 2015
Nile crocodile (Crocodylus niloticus) at night, Zimanga private game reserve, KwaZulu-Natal
Common frogs (Rana temporaria) reflected in water, Brasschaat, Belgium. March
Beautiful demoiselle damselfly (Calopteryx virgo) female flying, Peerdsbos, Brasschaat, Belgium
Gorgonian sea fan (Melithaea sp.) with Lyretail anthias (Pseudanthias sqamipinnis)
Kaleidoscopic image of Bubble tip anemone (Entacmaea quadricolor). Raja Ampat, West Papua
Kaleidoscopic image of Coral reef scenery with gorgonian, soft corals and Lyretail anthias
Kaleidoscopic image of Feather stars (Crinoidea) and Gorgonian wrapper anemone
Kaleidoscopic image of Banggai cardinalfish (Pterapogon kauderni) in sea anemone
Kaleidoscopic image of Tunicates including Golden seasquirt (Polycarpa aurata) Lembeh Strait
Golden jackal (Canis aureus) walking on sand. Danube Delta, Romania, May
Golden jackal (Canis aureus) portrait. Danube Delta, Romania, May
Bearded tit (Panurus biarmicus), five perched on Reed (Phragmites australis). Danube Delta, Romania
Black woodpecker (Dryocopus martius), male at nest hole. Danube Delta, Romania. May

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